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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I installed the unit on the motorcycle and nothing lights up.

    You might be missing the 1 amp fuse in the fuse holder. Install the fuse that comes as part of the installation kit in the fuse holder on the red ignition-on power wire. Please check that the fuse is good,. if it is already installed. A spare is provided.

  • The directional lights are inverted (i.e. a left turn signal activates the right helmet unit directional).

    The blue and yellow leads from the motorcycle transceiver unit were reversed upon installation on the motorcycle.

  • My batteries are only lasting about a week and a half. Is that normal?

    Customers have reported on average about two months worth of battery usage. Police units have reported about 4 weeks of battery usage and they are heavy users. If you find your battery not lasting more than a week or two we suggest updating the firmware on the helmet unit by going to the support page and downloading the latest version. Follow the instructions above for Android or iOS to perform the update. We also suggest using Lithium batteries. Their power profile is much more compatible with inView than regular alkaline batteries. Insure your MC unit is connected to IGINITION ON power and is not always on! Lastly, we also found that some customers have not disconnected the inView app from the helmet unit after testing it. Be sure to "Disconnect Device" after testing with the app.

  • I am unable to update my helmet unit with my smartphone.

    If you are trying to connect to the helmet unit and it does not show up on the connection field make sure there are working batteries in the unit. If not, please install fresh Lithium batteries. • If there are working batteries in the helmet unit and it still does not connect, please insure that the helmet unit is not connected to the motorcycle (the motoircycle transceiver must be powered off). • If the steps above do not work, please remove and reinstall the batteries in the helmet unit to reset the connection.

  • I am unable to update my motorcycle unit with my smartphone.

    If the motorcycle unit is on with one LED showing and “Nordic Buttonless” or “inView Motorcycle” does not show on the connection screen this is a known issue and can only be fixed by turning the MC on/off/on a couple of times while paying attention to the LED lights on the MC board. When you turn the MC unit on and you see a double flash of the MC unit brake LED and accessory brake LED, the unit should connect and show “Nordic Buttonless” or “inView Motorcycle” on the smart phone connection screen after "reconnecting" in the inView app. You should now be able to update the firmware. Please note - the helmet unit should be out of range or the batteries should be removed during this process. • If you are getting a Bluetooth error trying to connect to the motorcycle transceiver you are most likely using an android device to update the firmware. To fix this error you have to clear the cache and force close the inView app. Then power cycle the MC unit and retry the connection to the MC unit for the firmware update. o To clear the cache on your Android device open Settings then open Apps. Find and Tap the inView app. Tap Force Stop and then tap OK on the confirmation screen. o Tap Storage and then tap clear cache. Cache will now read 0 Kb and has been cleared. Once this is done, you should be able to connect

  • How do I find the wires for my brakes and turn signals?

    To identify the wires on your motorcycle you can consult the wire diagram specific to your make and model from the internet. The wire diagram should indicate which color wire connects to the brake, left and right signals. You can then find those color wires on your bike and tap into them. If you remove a turn signal, you will likely see the color of the wire leading to it. This makes it easier to trace the same color wire under the rider or pillion seat.

  • When I replaced the batteries the helmet unit starts flashing the amber lights and beeping.

    This will happen when the motorcycle is on and the inView helmet unit is positioned up-side-down. As soon as you re-position the helmet unit it will stop flashing and beeping.

  • Power on LED on the motorcycle shows on, but unable to get brake or signal function on the helmet unit.

    The fix for this is to upgrade the Firmware on the motorcycle unit. Please follow the iOS or Android firmware upgrade instructions above. If the Nordic Buttonless does not show up in the list you may need to power the unit off/on a couple of times (ignition on/off)

  • My helmet unit does not always connect.

    First, insure you have the most up to date firmware on both the helmet and MC unit (see Android/iOS instructions above). If this is the case and you still have intermittent connection problems, you can remove and replace the batteries in the helmet unit. This will reset any connection that the helmet unit might be hanging on to.

  • inView isn't working properly on my My Indian motorcycle.

    Indian motorcycles require an additional step to properly configure the unit to run with their electrical system. This configuration option is done through our iOS or Android app iusing the "Setup Motorcycle" meny button.

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