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Helmet Signaling Transmitter and Receiver

Saving Lives by Improving Safety & Visibility for Motorcyclists

Cutting edge, wireless brake and signal light to make motorcycles more visible and safer – for motorcyclists and those they interact with on the road.

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Technology so efficient it doesn’t need an on/off switch. Automatic diagnostics - simply hit the brake and the light flashes and beeps to let you know everything is working.

Transmitter intercepts directional and sends a signal to illuminate light on the helmet.

Ultra bright LEDs help other motorists see you even on the brightest days.

Automatically illuminates both your tail light and helmet light when it detects you are slowing down but not applying the brakes.
(ex. downshifting)

Long battery life. Utilizes common, easily replaceable batteries. Lasts an entire season and lets you know when it's low.

DIY installation on any motorcycle and any helmet. Ability to easily transfer between helmets.

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Third Eye Design, Inc. designs and manufactures cutting-edge technology products centered on a patented groundbreaking RF communication protocol. Headquartered in Pittsford, NY, with offices in Washington, DC, and Sorrento, FL our first product is a cutting-edge wireless brake and signal light for placement on and integration into motorcycle helmets. Utilizing ultra-low frequency technology, the design is unprecedented and exclusive. Industry experts have called it the RF equivalent of a million mile per gallon car.

This groundbreaking technology allows almost all helmet battery power to be used for LED illumination instead of RF communication with the motorcycle. This provides for a feature rich unit that is free from user intervention. With our helmet brake and signal light, we can make motorcycles more visible and safer – for motorcyclists and those they interact with on the road.

Third Eye Design was founded on the belief that we can use technology to make the world a better, safer place.

“We are starting one motorcycle at a time.”


Our story began after I had a near collision with a motorcyclist who had a low-mounted hard-to-see taillight. At that instant, the idea for the HelSTAR wireless, motorcycle-helmet, brake and turn signal system was born.

Since then, my company—Third Eye Design—has been working with one of the world’s foremost experts in low-frequency RF communication. We’ve developed proprietary technology, obtained two patents, met with thousands of motorcyclists, conducted national market research, built prototypes and held a US pilot.

After more than 10 years of research, development, focus group studies, engineering and real-world consumer testing, we have built a wireless helmet brake and turn signal system so feature rich it is unlike anything on the market today.

UPDATE: Our New Design and Second Patent Add Form & Function! Watch Video


“What a fantastic idea! The brake light is up where you can actually see it.”

“Easy to install and operate – very little effort on my part  with big return on visibility!”

“It protects not only me, but my family and other motorists as well!”

“Should be standard equipment on helmets from now on.”

“If this saves just one life, it’s worth its weight in GOLD.”

“Why didn’t someone come up with this 30 years ago?”