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  • To install the inView motorcycle unit, how do I find the wires for my brakes and turn signals?

    To identify the wires on your motorcycle you can consult the wire diagram specific to your make and model from the internet. The wire diagram should indicate which color wire connects to the brake, left and right signals. You can then find those color wires on your bike and tap into them. If you remo...

  • The inView Helmet Light isn’t working properly on my Indian motorcycle.

    Probable Cause: Indian motorcycles require an additional step to properly configure the inView unit to run with their electrical system.

    Solution: This configuration option is done through the inView app available on iOS or Android. After connecting to the mot...

  • When the motorcycle is turned on, the helmet unit continuously flashes both directional lights and chirps.

    Probable Cause: The inView helmet unit was installed or positioned up-side-down when it connected to the motorcycle.

    Solution: Simply turn the helmet unit right side up – either removing it and reinstalling it from the helmet. If the helmet was upside do...