Feature-rich technology means you don’t have to give anything up

Automatic Diagnostics

inView tests battery and functionality. Simply turn your motorcycle on or off and the helmet light will flash and chirp to let you know everything is working properly.

Multi-activated Brake and Turn Signaling

inView integrates with your motorcycle to signal pedal, lever or switch activated braking and turn signaling. inView also illuminates the helmet light and an accessory brake light (included) when a decrease in speed is detected – even when you don’t apply the brakes.

Long-lasting Batteries

inView utilizes common, easily replaced batteries that last 1-2 months and will let you know when they get low.

DIY Installation & Easy Transfer Between Helmets

With DIY installation, inView works on any motorcycle and any helmet – and transfers easily between helmets.

Ultra-bright LEDs

inView’s ultra-bright LEDs allow motorists to see you even on the brightest days.

Smart Technology That Doesn’t Require an On-Off Switch

inView works without user intervention – you can’t forget to turn it on or have to remember to turn it off.

Proudly Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the USA

Easy to install and transfer.

Excellent instructions make installation easy. Great product support makes it even easier. Simple transfer from helmet to helmet means it is always where you need it whether you are riding alone or with a passenger.

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Works on every helmet.

inView works on every helmet – including full, modular, open face and half helmet styles. At under 4 ounces, inView is the lightest helmet accessory brake and turn signal light on the market.

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