Patent Protection

Patent & Trademark Protection

THIRD EYE DESIGN INC. InView® products are protected in the United States and internationally under the following Patents and Trademarks:

Product Country Patent
inView®, inView®Plus, inView®2
United States US 11,299,090
Singapore SG 11201911363Q
China CN ZL202080054089.3
Australia AU 2018275781
South Korea KR 10-2590618
Columbia CO 41970
Malaysia MY-199734-A
Japan 7440913
International Multiple Patents Pending in various countries.
Product Country Trademark
United States 6,884,147
Canada 2199177 / 1673517
Malaysia 1673517
Indonesia 416562 / 1673517
International Additional Trademarks pending in various countries.

Patent & Trademark data as of March 11, 2024