New Design and Second Patent Add Form & Function!

Introducing our latest industrial design and updated patent pending features like deceleration braking that illuminates both our helmet light and the vehicle brake light and smart phone integration - emergency calling in the event of a crash and performance reporting:

Third Eye Design Receives Overwhelming Response at Americade Rally!

Third Eye Design had a booth this year at Americade – on of the largest rallies on the east coast.  Our mission was just to inform attendees about our wireless brake and signal light, inform them of fundraising progress (we are almost there!) and ask them to get on a mailing list to reserve a unit.  We operated the booth from Tuesday through Saturday, 9am – 6pm every day.

Before the Expo opened:

 To say we were successful would be a considerable understatement.  From the moment the expo opened, each day, the booth was packed!

Rain or shine, our booth was crowded.  Each of us engaged multiple people simultaneously all day long, and attendees often spilled past our space as they waited to hear more about the product.  At times, the crowd around our booth took up so much space, an Americade organizer had to stop by with a friendly request to manage traffic around our booth.