17 April 2020

Web Bike World Praises inView

Webike World, an international web site based out of Canada, dedicated to reviewing motorcycle parts and accessories,  just released their product review: (https://www.webbikeworld.com/inview-wireless-helmet-brake-and-turn-signal-system-review/ ).  The author was so impressed, he has purchased 2 units from us.  In summary they say:

The inView Helmet Brake and Signal Light System took a bit of time to bring to market, but in a very short time, it has gained lots of kudos from users along with many positive reviews. It is truly a product we should have had a long time ago…  But thanks to Third Eye Design, the product is here, available and growing a large user base, with Twisted Throttle recently taking on North American distribution. The product also won the prestigious “Best Safety Product” award at AIMExpo 2019.  Initial use confirms that the inView system works as advertised, with its three connected (wired and wireless) components forming a smooth functioning set-n-forget system; with the ignition on and the modules synced (the helmet module is ‘always on’ per se), the system is ready to go. The inView Wireless Brake and Turn Signal Light by Third Eye Design is an innovative and universally installable, set-n-forget safety-related product that bears a very close look. Stay tuned for our spring follow-up.”

All we can say is thank you!