2 October 2020

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What is passive braking on a motorcycle?
Motorcyclists can ride for long distances without touching the brakes. Slowing down is accomplished by engine braking – letting the engine slow the bike down by letting off the throttle or down shifting. This potential sudden slow down can be dangerous if the driver following you is not aware. Especially if you are being followed too closely.

With the latest firmware, inView has you covered with its passive braking feature. When it’s enabled and you slow down by way of letting off the throttle or down shifting, the sudden slow down is detected by the patented technology in the motorcycle unit. This in turn flashes the brake lights on the helmet unit along with the accessory brake light. This alerts the drivers behind the motorcycle that you are slowing down, even though you have not touched the brakes.

To enable passive braking on the inView system you must first update to the latest version of the inView app on your iOS or Android device. This allows you to update the firmware in both the helmet and motorcycle unit. Now that the accelerometer is enabled on the motorcycle unit, you first need to set the orientation. How is the MC unit positioned on the bike? Then chose the side that resembles direction of travel of the MC unit. The setup also lets you change the sensitivity to low, medium or high. This feature can also be toggled on or off through the iOS or Android application.

inView lets motorists behind you know what you are doing by way of showing brake and turn signals. Now it also alerts them when you are downshifting or letting off the throttle. Another way Third Eye Design is helping keep motorcyclists safer on the road.