6 October 2018

Pittsford Man Creates New Helmet to Protect Motorcyclists

by Andrew Banas

PITTSFORD, NY (WHAM) — David Werner has had enough.

“It hurts, because I ride. I’ve been in a situation where you hear the screech of tires behind you,” he says. He explains that too many times, motorcyclists are killed in car crashes, not because they were speeding, or driving recklessly. Simply because other drivers, didn’t see them.

“Historically, motorcycle tail lights are low and dim and there’s only one. Most of your vision is high and center, it’s not where a motorcycle tail light is,” Werner says.

So 15 years ago, he had an idea. Why not put one where drivers couldn’t miss it —

“I thought to myself, why doesn’t he have a break light on the back of his motorcycle helmet?” But getting it done wasn’t easy.

“There was a ton of challenges.”

Werner says he spent thousands of hours talking with motorcyclists, about what a device like this should look like and how it could work. It took years of trial and error.

“The rest of that time has really been testing, market trials, market research,” he says.

Trying to perfect it. Just recently the first round of productions is now underway. Pre-sales have already begun, and the device will soon be available for order online. Werner envisions a day, where they are worn by every motorcyclist on the road.

“I can’t wait until we get the first call, email, communication from a spouse, a brother, a wife who says my person came home safely tonight because of your device.