Think back to the national push years ago to make center , high mounted brake lights mandatory in all automobiles.  Since their implementation, countless studies show significant reduction in collisions, accident and injury.

HelSTAR, our wireless helmet brake and signal light  is completely unique – our patent, the only one of its kind, features ground breaking technology that is so power efficient, industry experts have called it the equivalent of a million mile per gallon car.  That means we can focus battery power on LED illumination and a rich feature set.

HelSTAR can be attached to any helmet and, once the batteries are installed it is “on”.  There is no switch so you can’t forget to turn it on when you ride or turn it off when you get to your destination.  For some of our pilot users, batteries have lasted more than a season.  Battery drain is related to how much you use your brake.  The transmitter attaches simply, under the seat of the motorcycle and integrates seamlessly into the motorcycle’s brake and turn signal system.  It even works on  motorcycles with CAN Bus technology.

Once the unit is installed, the first time you hit the brakes after a period of inactivity (an hour), you will hear a “chirp” letting you know all systems are go – batteries are good, communication with the motorcycle is good and all LEDs are functioning.  The unit is fully programmable and upgradable.  We have firmware you can download and install that turns on brake modulation so that it flashes then goes solid.

Industry experts have joined our movement – for all motorcycle enthusiasts to come together and support increased safety that benefits us all.