21 November 2019

inVIEW Wins Prestigious “Best Safety Product 2019 AIMExpo”!

WRN profiles the AIMExpo 2019 “Best of Show” winners

(above) Robert Nelk, Operations Manager for Third Eye Design, accepts the award for “best safety product” from Erin Sills (WRN), Liza Miller (WRWR), Sarah Schilke (WRN), and a WRWR rider.

By Tricia Szulewski, Editor

Best Safety Item 2019 AIMExpo

inView Wireless Turn Signal and Brake Light

Perhaps it was the flashing lights that grabbed voters’ attentions. Or maybe it was the simplicity of a smart design and display. Whatever the case may be, we are proud to present “best safety item” to Third Eye Design for its inView wireless turn signal and brake light.

The inView looks like a brake light that you might find on a motorcycle, but it gets mounted onto the back of a helmet (just with Velcro—no screws). When you install the transceiver into your motorcycle’s wiring and activate your brakes or turn signal, the transceiver sends a signal to the inView to illuminate either a brake light or turn signal.

The inView is available in a clear or red lens. Both retail for $249.95.

Another cool feature of the inView, is that when it senses you’re slowing down quickly (like using engine braking to slow down), it will send a signal to activate both the inView and your motorcycle taillight. In addition, there’s no on/off switch. Once the transceiver is hardwired to your motorcycle and light affixed to your helmet with the batteries installed, the unit will work as intended.

The inView system includes the brake light/turn signal, wireless transceiver, accessory LED brake light, adhesive Velcro, mounting hardware, and two AAA batteries that should last a full season. We can’t wait to test this safety product out! Watch for an upcoming WRN review of the inView system or go to ThirdEyeDesignInc.com for more information.

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