4 June 2020

inView vs. Brake Free

inView vs. Brake Free: A Comparative Analysis

By: David Werner, Founder, and CEO of Third Eye Design, Inc.

We are asked what makes Third Eye Design’s inView wireless motorcycle helmet brake and turn signal light system different. Recently, the question has been specific to Brake Free Technologies and the key components between inView vs Brake Free.

I pre-ordered the Brake Free unit in early 2017 and, to date, have not received one. My review is based solely on what I have read from the company and its reviews.

Brake Free Helmet Brake Light is a stand-alone helmet-mounted “Brake” light that detects deceleration and illuminates a series of helmet mounted LED lights.

Without having received the product, I will do my best to illustrate the differences between Brake Free and inView features.

inView vs Brake Free


Department of Transportation findings

There have been other companies with a self-contained accelerometer based accessory brake light.  These systems indicate deceleration by incorporating an accelerometer into an LED array.  This distinction is essential as these lights operate independently of the vehicle’s standard braking system. A US DOT study found that light systems operating independently of the motorcycle system confuses automobile drivers. Drivers behind motorcycles with these types of lights do not recognize the separate flashing signals as brake lights because they do not illuminate consistent with the motorcycles brake light. Additionally, many of these lights do not use proper algorithms to prevent false alarms. It is also important that stand-alone accelerometer-based lights on helmets must be “de-tuned” to account for head movement.

inView comes with an accessory brake light that is installed in close proximity of the existing brake light.  The accessory brake light will activate with passive and active (pedal or lever) braking.  That feature ensures that motorists following a motorcycle always see a “physical” brake light and understand what inView is communicating.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Evaluation of Enhanced Brake Lights Using Surrogate Safety Metrics:

“if (accessory light illumination, not related to vehicle brake light illumination is) too numerous, (it) could cause following drivers to ignore or neglect the rear lighting. Following drivers could also become annoyed by the nuisance of such lights when they are not needed.” and “Another problem encountered was that of continuing the rear lighting with a timeout segment when the vehicle turned at a corner. In this case a new following vehicle might be encountered, and the driver of that vehicle might be confused by the activation of the ‘enhanced’ rear lighting.”

inView is designed with over 2,000 hours of focused group studies, national market research, a US pilot program, North American User Acceptance Testing and 3 patents (2 of them international, pending).

Industry Feedback 

inView has received the highest endorsement from Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN) awarding inView a perfect score in all three performance areas and gave inView a “recommended buy”.  Other industry reviewers felt the same way:

  • “Given the ease of use and the added measure of conspicuity provided we wholeheartedly recommend the inView” -Motorcycle Consumer News
  • “inView is about to improve motorcycle safety forever” -Hardtales Magazine
  • “inView2 performed brilliantly – no pun intended!” -BackRoads Magazine
  • “inView is a gamechanger!” -Motoclectic Magazine

Customer Reviews

“Finally… had my InView installed a couple weeks ago and I’m finally sitting down to say how much I love it! Anything I can do to improve my chances of being seen, in likely to try it. Money VERY WELL SPENT! I’ve had cops, truckers, other riders and drivers of all ages comment on how much the lights caught their attention and ask why don’t all helmets come with these?” Mike A

“I was given the opportunity to get an up close and personal view of this product. I can honestly say, not only will it save lives, it will bring a greater rising experience to all those who utilize it!” Jamie S

“I got one for Christmas and I love it. Very easy to install and it comes with the availability to install on 2 helmets. Everyone who sees it thinks it is great. Best investment my wife say she ever made besides me.” Mello312

“During my first ride using the inView, I noticed that the vehicles behind me gave me more space. I am convinced that the unit is definitely improving my safety on the bike. In my opinion it is a must have safety device.” Stanley M

“We really like these units and learning how they work has been great! To have (their support staff) guide us to success just proves we chose the right company to do business with.” Gary

“Excellent packaging and high-quality workmanship is evident throughout. I was particularly impressed that the unit worked straight out of the box. I installed the unit in December 2018 and other than having to replace the batteries in the helmet unit, it has worked flawlessly. Bottom line, this product rates 5 stars because it is innovative, a breeze to install and really works, as evident by the distance cars now stop behind me when I am waiting at a light. It is especially good at night. InView is well worth the price, and I encourage all riders that really care about their safety to check this item out.” Steven


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