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Third Eye Design, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets inView™ – a wireless helmet brake and turn signal light centered on a groundbreaking Radio Frequency (RF) communication protocol. The inView™ system mimics brakes and turn signals activated by the motorcyclist or when it detects deceleration (i.e. engine braking) of any kind. inView™ keeps motorcyclists visible by providing an eye-level light so that drivers can easily see and understand the motorcyclist’s next move. inView™ is patented and has patents pending internationally. Launched in 2019 after nearly a decade of market research, technical development and patent work, inView™ launched and has received the highest accolades from magazines, industry professionals and customers.

Reasons to Invest

  • Launched in 2019, inView™ gained interest from both the industry and customers quickly. Prior to our launch we spent more than 2000 hours in focus group studies to glean a set of requirements that would  make inView™ successful in the marketplace. We have great professional and customer testimonials, and were named the best safety product at the prestigious 2019 AIMExpo (American International Motorcycle Expo) – the largest motorcycle show in the country. These are just some of the reasons why inView™ is recommended by motorcycle journalists and loved by customers. The inView™ design outperforms other accessory brake and signal lights on the market. Copycat competitors have attempted to go to market with minimal, look-alike features – but do not have inView™ technology and simply fail to deliver. Key features make inView™ completely unique. US and International patents and patents- pending protect our technology. inView™ is endorsed by the American Motorcyclist Association – one of the highest honors a motorcycle product can achieve, and received a perfect score in a MCN (Motorcycle Consumer News) full review.
  • Product Roadmap: Since the company was formed, we have adhered to strict, international standards of Project Management and Quality Assurance.  As such, we have operated with a technology and product roadmap that we are currently implementing.  inView2™, our newly designed next-generation product, will be introduced in Q1 2022 and will expand upon inView™’s success.
  • Global Markets: inView™ has caught the attention of global markets.  In 2019, Third Eye Design was invited to be 1 of 3 guest speakers (along with Honda Motor Corporation and Continental Tires) at the annual MIROS (Malaysian institute of Road Safety) symposium. Government officials were so impressed, inView™ was endorsed (verbally) for sale by the Minister of Transportation. A member of the Royal Family (a significant industry influencer) agreed to participate in our initial launch.  The inView2 ™ product launch will include Malaysia (27M registered motorcycles), Indonesia (133M registered motorcycles) and Singapore (127k registered motorcycles) with other SE Asia and Asia Pacific countries to follow.


Studies from around the globe share the same findings, motorcyclists get hit because they aren’t seen.

Most motorcycles have only one small brake and taillight – there just is not much candlepower available to attract attention.

Additionally, studies show that human depth perception is affected when a motorcycle is viewed among much more prominent cars and trucks, making the motorcycle seem farther away than it is.

To put it simply: Motorcycles are hard to see. With the low placement of the brake light and just a single source of light, being approached by a car or truck while stopped is one of the most dangerous situations a motorcycle rider can encounter. For motorcyclists, visibility is a top concern.

These reasons and more have created a demand among motorcyclists for ways to improve visibility.

The safety risks associated with riding a motorcycle are higher than those with driving an automobile.  That’s why a NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Association) study shows that approximately 75% of all motorcycle accidents involve a collision with another vehicle and that rear-end collisions are the most significant risk.


InView™: A Wireless Helmet-Mounted Brake and Turn Signal Light

inView™ has captivated the attention of industry experts, police departments, insurance agencies and of course motorcyclists.  Named the Best Safety Product at the prestigious AIMExpo, inView™ is in use throughout the US and Canada. After a successful presentation as a guest speaker at the 2019 Malaysian Road Safety Symposium in Malacca, Malaysia, inView™ was endorsed for sale (verbally) by the Minister of Transportation and received support from a key influencer and member of the Royal Family.

Be Safe, Be Seen

Following our Technology and Product Roadmap, inView™, our next-generation product design was just completed and will offer even more visibility and a host of new features.

This raise will support the introduction of inView in North America, South East Asia and worldwide.

The inView™ system illuminates and mimics brakes and turn signals indicated by the motorcyclist or when it detects deceleration of any kind – either physical via pedal or lever or passive via engine braking.  And inView™ puts the lights where they should be – high and center.

The original inView™ wireless system consists of a helmet unit, motorcycle unit and accessory brake light. A key feature of the inView™ helmet light is its simple helmet-to-helmet transfer capability.  This ensures inView™ is always on the right helmet. inView™ can be attached to any helmet and used on any 12v negative ground powersport vehicle – including those with CAN-Bus.  To add flexibility, separate motorcycle and helmet units are available for users with multiple motorcycles or multiple helmets who do not wish to transfer their existing inView™.

inView™ offers all the advantages of the original inView in a lower profile housing and adds a new set of features (see below for a comparison chart).  inView2 ™ will provide 4x the light output and nearly double the battery power.

New to inView™ is an emergency dialing feature that will detect a crash.  When it does, inView will send a tone to the owner’s cell phone. If the tone goes unanswered, the inView system will dial a pre-programmed emergency contact, report position and set the helmet light to flashing. This service will be bundled as a special promotion on initial purchase and made available as a fee-for-service option on a monthly, semi-annual and annual basis providing a recurring revenue stream.

In addition to the full inView motorcycle integrated brake and turn signal light, a lower cost, entry level helmet-only brake light, inView2 Lite™, will be available. inView Lite will provide brake signaling and be fully upgradable to add turn signals with the purchase of a separately available motorcycle unit.

What Makes inView Different

Proprietary inView™ technology provides motorcycle integrated brake and turn signals, passive braking to signal deceleration even when you aren’t physically braking – all without having to ever have to remember to turn it on or off.  inView™ does not have a switch – it just works.

A couple of companies have tried going to market with an accelerometer-based accessory brake light.  These are self-contained systems that incorporate an accelerometer into an LED array.  This distinction is essential as these lights operate independently of the vehicle’s standard braking system – which means sometimes they illuminate when the vehicle’s brake light is not on. This causes confusion to following drivers as they do not recognize these separate “flashing signals” as brake lights. Additionally, many of these lights do not use proper algorithms to prevent false alarms – stand-alone accelerometer-based lights on helmets must be “de-tuned” to account for head movement.

When it comes to our competition, there is a reason no one has successfully introduced a wireless helmet brake and signal light product to the market. Until recently, the technology has not existed to allow for a set of features needed to make a product successful in the marketplace.

We believe there are no companies currently in business commercially producing a wireless helmet brake and turn signal light offering all the features inView provides.

inView Key Features:

  • Proprietary and patented technology eliminates the need to turn it on or off. There is no switch, inView™ works automatically without user intervention.
  • Energy efficiency reduces the need for frequent battery changes and provides for brighter LEDs – even in the brightest sunlight.
  • Because inView™ integrates with your motorcycle, it does what the motorcycle does – signalling brake AND turn signals.  In addition, Smart inView™ Technology knows when you are slowing down (i.e. downshifting) even when you don’t use your brakes.  When this happens, inView™ sends a signal to your helmet light and the included accessory brake light to ensure following motorists know what you are doing.
  • Design allows it to be used on any helmet and any motorcycle – even those with CAN-Bus.
  • Our companion Android / iOS application provides for device management and firmware updates to change features and functionality.
  • Our upcoming inView™ features a newly designed slimmer case and expands on the features above and offers emergency dialing in the event of a detected crash, double the battery life (with indicator) and LEDs that are 4x brighter!

Installation & Use

inView™ offers a do-it-yourself installation and simply requires connection to ignition-on power and ground and connection to the motorcycle’s brake, left turn and right turn signals. Posi-Tap connectors are featured to make the connection easy, without damaging the vehicle’s wiring. All mounting hardware, including 2 helmet mounts are included.

Helmet units automatically pair to any motorcycle equipped with inView™ within 15 feet of it. The versatility of pairing allows owners with multiple motorcycles and various helmet units to automatically match-up whichever helmet and motorcycle they wish to use. The helmet unit also automatically syncs with the motorcycle, turning on or off when the motorcycle does. Once paired, the bond is semi-permanent to prevent it from conflicting with any other signal.

Helmet unit automatic diagnostics tell you when the batteries get low or if you have it installed upside down.

The inView™ system is managed through a smartphone application available on both Google Play and the Apple Store. The app allows for product registration, testing, and firmware updates to enhance and change features.

The Market

As Motorcycle Registrations Grow Worldwide – So Does Helmet Use

Third Eye Design’s initial focus was the U.S. motorcycle and snowmobile market, where there are over 39 million helmets currently in use by registered motorcyclists and snowmobilers – and the numbers are growing from there.

The US motorcycle market size was estimated at $8.25 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 3.2% over the following decade. (Source)

Low TCO (total cost of ownership) of motorcycles, increased ridership by women and advances in motorcycle safety is expected to continue to accelerate the demand for motorcycles in the US and Canada.

inView™ is sold directly through 3 channels –  our eCommerce website, our North American Distributor Twisted Throttle and a growing network of dealers and installers.

Here’s a look at our growing distribution and sales:

  • Distribution – (US & Canada) – Twisted Throttle Distribution
  • Retail Sales – Amazon, Twisted ThrottleRevzillaADV MotorradGood Guy Powersports and a growing network of dealers in the US and Canada
  • Affiliates (Industry Influencers)
  • Directly through our website
  • In SE Asia, inView™ will be sold directly through an eCommerce site, a distribution network (the Ducati franchise has already verbally agreed to sell inView™) and through industry influencers and bike clubs

Since its introduction, inView™ has received international attention and requests for sale throughout Asia Pacific, the European Union, Australia and countries in both South America and Africa.

MIROS (the Malaysian Institute for Road Safety) provided inView™ the highest endorsement for sale in South East Asia where we have a planned launch in Q1 2023 in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

In the picture above, you will see the congestion of motorcycles in daily traffic in Indonesia. Please note that the stock motorcycle brake lights and turn signals are almost impossible to see – and that the back of the helmets are clearly visible. This is just one of the reasons why inView™ is so important in the global marketplace and was endorsed (verbally) for sale by MIROS.

While US motorcycle registration numbers are significant, they pale in comparison to foreign markets where motorcycle use is more accepted and for many, is a primary means of transportation.  In Indonesia alone, there are 133M registered motorcycles and we estimate there are 190M licensed drivers.

Throughout much of Southeast Asia, helmet use is mandatory and fines can be harsh for non-compliance.

We are following our market expansion plan and will launch in Southeast Asia in Q1 2023.


inView2 ™ Arriving Soon

There is a reason inView™ is recommended by motorcycle journalists and loved by customers.  We spent years working with motorcyclists and experts to perfect our design. That effort was not wasted and our customers are thrilled with the result.

Despite the challenges of Covid19 and the elimination of trade shows for all of 2020 and most of 2021, we pushed on – resting on our laurels was never an option.  In August, 2021 we completed the case design of inView2and grant funding is supporting final software and firmware in 2022.

See below for an excerpt of our product roadmap:


Foreign Markets

Southeast Asia, a growing center of manufacturing and distribution worldwide, is ripe for technology advancement that makes motorcycling safer.  A wholly-owned subsidiary (Third Eye Design, South East Asia, Inc) was formed to go to market in South East Asia.  The subsidiary, a NYS C corporation, is led by Rupa Shanmugam (see bio in the Team section) a seasoned businesswoman who grew up in Malaysia, speaks the language and is familiar with SE Asia customs and business practices. inView will launch initially in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore  with the remaining countries in SE Asia and Asia Pacific to follow. Timothy J. McCall, a US Department of Commerce (DOC) Director was engaged to assist. The DOC Director assigned US DOC expatriates in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia to assist in our go-to-market strategy. This local support has provided valuable additional market insight and export assistance.

Rupa’s efforts, local SE Asia contacts and good timing earned us a presentation at the 2019 annual Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Symposium. The presentation resulted in product acceptance and verbal endorsement.

As a result of the impression inView™ made, a safety conscious helmet manufacturer in Indonesia has asked us to integrate inView technology into the 23M helmets they sell annually. They believe (we do too) that inView™ technology will give them a competitive advantage in their existing marketplace and for Asia Pacific expansion. We will leverage the design and license the technology to other helmet manufacturers who are looking for a competitive edge (we have already made contact with North American divisions of Bell, Fulmer, HJC and Shoei).

inView™ is more than the sum of its parts and is supported by a world-class team of engineers, industrial designers, nationally syndicated industry experts and motorcyclists.

Why Invest

Invest in a Brighter, Safer Future for Motorists

Our mission is to make motorcyclists safer & more confident, improve visibility and the ride, and save lives.

We plan, within the next 5 years, to expand Third Eye Design, Inc. across South East Asia, Asia Pacific, the European Union, South America, and Africa.  Third Eye Design will be seen as a global power sports safety company providing wireless, high-mounted accessory brake and turn signal lighting with advanced safety features to enthusiasts worldwide.

To that end, we are already in motion and are in the process of preparing to deliver inView2 to both the North American and Southeast Asia markets (anticipated Q1 2023 launch).

inView is an example of what a committed group of industry leaders and professionals can do. inView has captured professional and consumer attention, saved lives and made a difference in motorcycle safety. Join us in saving lives and improving motorcycle safety forever. 

Third Eye Design was founded on the belief that we can make the world a better, safer place. With inView™ – we are making a difference one motorcycle at a time. With your help, we can apply the social media and marketing spend we need to bring transformational growth to the inView™ brand in North America, Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific and across the globe.

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