28 August 2018

Third Eye Design Introduces inVIEW at the Blue Knights International Convention!

Third Eye Design introduces inVIEW helmet brake and signal light at the Blue Knights International Convention.  We arrived in Stone Mountain, Georgia on 7/14 and set up our indoor trade show booth.  Event registration was the following day and we were busy right from the start with attendees interested in inVIEW.

Response was amazing across the board.  A representative from the UK said we would be a smash across the pond!

The president of the NY chapter, which is hosting the 2019 International Convention invited us to attend – we accepted.

At the black-tie dinner on Thursday night, the new International Safety Officer was appointed.  He stopped by our booth and said we are exactly his mission (to identify and promote new safety technology).  He asked if he could do a write-up and recommendation.

Interacting with the attendees at the convention

In terms of sales/attendee we sold more at the Blue Knights conference than we did at Americade.

Packaging and form factor were very well received.

We lost count of the “Brilliant idea!”,  “Thank you!”,  “You will make a difference!”, and “Can’t wait to get one!”  comments!