12 April 2019

A Brief Introduction to inVIEW

What is inVIEW, how does it work and what are some of our frequently asked questions?

inView is a wireless brake and turn signal light designed to make you more visible, feel safer and more confident on the road.

You never have to remember to turn it on or off.  inView provides brake and turn signal lighting where it should be – high and center.  Just start your motorcycle and enjoy the ride knowing your are  better protected.  inVIEW knows when you are braking or signalling and does what your motorcycle does.  inVIEW even knows when you are downshifting but not physically braking to warn drivers behind you.

With ultra-bright LEDs and long battery life, inVIEW works without user intervention.  It warns you if batteries are low or if there is a problem with the system.  There are a host of features that make inVIEW the most advanced wireless brake and signal system on the market today.

Check out the video to find our more!