14 June 2018

2018 Americade Show Stopper!

Third Eye Design attended Americade with our inVIEW, our wireless helmet brake and signal light.

Americade Crowds Third Eye Design Booth

Americade 2018 Crowd!

Despite not having product in time, (we are in UAT User Acceptance Testing), pre-sales were strong and Americade officials stopped by several times to congratulate us on the positive “buzz” about our product and the constant high-volume traffic at the booth.

Americade Booth Layout

Americade Booth Layout

Americade Atendees see inVIEW in action.

Americade Attendees Focus on inVIEW

We arrived in Lake George Sunday 6/4 around 1pm.  By 5pm the booth was set up.  Without product we had decided to offer the same pre-sales deal we offered last year, but would take payment.  A “check-out” station was set up on the left-hand side of the booth with a wire display rack behind it displaying 50 product boxes (all going to UAT).  To the right of the check out area was a motorcycle with a dummy on it wearing a helmet with our unit attached.  To the right of that was a helmet and unit on display on a tripod.  Moving right was another motorcycle with the seat off showing how an install is done.  Next to that was a 40” TV with a rotating product PowerPoint and list of daily drawing winners. We had 3 other helmets/units on display.  All of the display units had a flashing routine that alternated between brake and directional.

Monday was a day of testing and final setup.

We opened the booth at 9am on Tuesday.  The expo was open until 6 pm every day and until 5pm on Saturday.  There was never a moment that the booth was empty and we were busy until the gates closed every night.

When we rode to the expo or dinner or home at night, we had fantastic feedback and questions whenever we stopped.  We even had 1 rider run into the street (traffic was moving slowly) to ask where we got it.  He bought one the next day.

Customer feedback throughout the week was just awesome.  We got more “thanks for doing this!”, “genius!”, “so glad it is here!”, “We really need this!”, “I have been watching you and waiting for this!” than we could count.

Packaging obtained high marks and added to the perceived value.  Clear and clear red lenses provided customer choice (we ended up close to 50/50 in terms of buy decisions) and added to a high-quality product finish.  A directional and brake flashing routine provided a good demonstration of the units’ capability.

Several customers told us they attended the Expo for the express purpose of seeking out Third Eye Design and obtaining a unit.

Other Americade Motorcycle Lighting Prices

Other Americade Motorcycle Lighting Prices

There were no objections to price ($179) and most felt it was VERY fair.  We ran into another vendor selling lighting  which gave us some perspective.

We had a high percentage of multi-unit sales and several gift purchases.

Americade officials commented on the positive feedback our product was receiving and the great buzz they heard from attendees.

Several attendees brought their helmets back to the booth to test fit – and we only had 1 helmet (with a vent directly in the middle back of the helmet) that it didn’t work on.

Our booth had high traffic the entire day.  We heard positive comments even from those who didn’t stop.

We had high marks on the product design and great response from magazines and industry influencers.

We had interest from a large US distributer to help us get into dealers.

We installed several UAT  testers from the US and Canada.  Installations included a custom trike and a late model Ducati Multistrada – both were easy.

inVIEW Photo Op!

Everyone wants their picture taken with inView!

One of our reps was dressed perfectly for the week and we took advantage of a photo opportunity for some product shots.

Many Blue Knights (one of the largest police motorcycle groups in the world) stopped by and when they learned of our invitation to attend their international conference in July, felt that this was an honor and would be of great mutual benefit.


Women riders (or passengers) were the most likely to make an initial purchase.  Men were more likely to want to browse and come back.  Most did and ended up returning to make a purchase.

We had another great week at Americade!