You may have seen a very different product. There is a reason a wireless helmet brake and signal light hasn't existed successfully before. Our technology didn't exist. Dimly lit LEDs, poor battery life, on and off switches and lack of other features don't make for a compelling product. HelSTAR is dramatically different - in every aspect.. In terms of ugly, please note, as we have stated, the unit you see is a prototype version we piloted in the US. Not the final, retail version which will be lower profile and much better looking. The unit you refer to is dramatically different than ours. We are very familiar with it and others that claim to do the same thing. Since they need to focus most of their battery power on RF communication, their unit must be turned on and off every time you ride. Forget to turn it on and it won't help you, forget to turn it off and the batteries will be dead the next time you need to use it. We have one of these - and the LEDs are not bright - even at night. Ours exceed DOT specifications and are very bright even in direct sun. Their system won't work on CAN Bus motorcycles. It's not programmable and upgradable and cannot be moved from helmet to helmet (ie driver to passenger). We couldn't find a single helmet it would fit to properly. Ours works on any helmet and any motorcycle. Ours offers built in diagnostics so you know the helmet is connect and working properly. We can turn on features like brake modulation, there is much more. And, we are proudly made in the USA.